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Own a Home!

URB, Inc. makes owning a home (the American Dream) a possibility for just about anyone!
For more than 25 years URB, Inc. has been offering foreclosures, rehab/handyman properties, investment buildings, short sales, and other various properties to investors, contractors, rehabbers and first time home buyers!

Financial Freedom!

We finance properties! Period.
Our financing makes the American dream possible for individuals who have been previously rejected by banks or did not even try to obtain a loan due to bad credit. We make financing your home a reality! No hidden fees, no high interest. You decide how much you pay!

Start Investing NOW!

Real Estate is a necessity!
People will always need a place to live... Investing in real estate has lead people to financial freedom and allowed our economy to prosper. Market is on the rise and properties are cheaper than ever before. Start investing in Real Estate Now! We have the perfect program for you!

We give you the opportunity to own a home! we don't care about your past.

Chicago Foreclosures

Chicago Foreclosures Foreclosed properties in Chicago, Single Family Foreclosures, 2-Flat Foreclosure buildings, foreclosures in Chicago.

Rent to Own

Rent to Own Chicago Rent to Own Properties, Rent to Own in Chicago, Rent to Own Buildings for sale in Chicago

Investment Properties

Investment Properties Chicago investment properties, investment buildings, real estate investments Chicago, Invest in Real Estate in Chicago

Seller Financing

Seller Financing Seller Financing in Chicago, Chicago seller financing properties for sale, Buy with Seller financing in Chicago.

Rental Properties

Rental Properties Chicago rental properties, apartment buildings for sale in Chicago, Chicago rental investment properties for sale.

Bad Credit Financing

Bad Credit Financing Bad Credit home financing, No credit home financing, home financing | home loans for people with bad credit.


Best time to invest in Real Estate and purchase several Real Estate Investments in Chicago is RIGHT NOW. Chicago Investors know it and...

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Chicago real estate market is a great place to invest considering it is one of the first US cities with Real Estate sales increasing

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TRUE OPPORTUNITY for those looking to change their lives and become their own boss!

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URB Properties for Sale

Select from a list of investment properties, rental properties, single family homes, foreclosures, short sales, rent to own homes..


URB Owner Financing

Finance your new home or investment property with URB Owner Financing program quick and easy.

  • American Dream come True
  • Opportunity to Own a home
  • Financial freedom
  • Make money in Real Estate
  • Become an investor / Be your own Boss
  • Unlimited Potential for Success

    Recently sold investment properties in Chicago financed with URB Owner financing in Chicago.

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    Fully rented apartment building in Chicago sold for cash.


    Single family brick bungalow in Chicago purchased with URB seller financing.


    Beautiful 2-Flat greystone investment property in Chicago sold with URB owner financing


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Leader in offering Real Estate Investments in Chicago
Posted on August 18, 2013
Founded in 1987 by Brian Urbanowski, Urb, Inc. continues to be the leader in offering choice South Side Chicago homes for sale and West Side Chicago homes for sale, 2 units, 3 unit buildings for ..
The American Dream
Posted on August 18, 2013
Urb, Inc.. has been helping with seller financed properties or FSBO homes to people just like you to achieve their American Dreams of...



URB offers properties for fist time home buyers, investors, rehabbers, contractors and individuals looking to take advantage of current housing prices.

In addition, URB also offers Owner/Seller Financing without credit check and no bank prequalification enabling just about anyone the opportunity to own a home.

  • Exclusive Investment Properties in Chicago
  • Exclusive Home/Property Financing in Chicago


Our South Side and West Side neighborhoods!



URB Chicago Main Image


It has been reported that almost 260,000 families in Chicago live in crowded, deteriorated or unsafe housing. Chicago is in the forefront of cities recognizing the critical shortage in affordable housing for their residents and is taking bold actions to address the problem. The Chicago Rehab Network estimated a shortage of 49,000 affordable rental units in Chicago, reporting that almost 200,000 Chicago households were "rent burdened." This status is reached when a household pays over 35% of its income for housing. According to the CRN report, 116,000 Chicago households pay over 50% of their total income toward housing expenses and often forgo other necessities.


The overall optimism of the American public is evident in the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll focusing on home ownership and aspirations to achieve and sustain “the American Dream.”

Whether it is owning a home, being your own boss or financial wealth, Brian Urbanowski has over two decades of experience to help you achieve your version of the American Dream.

URB Welcome Single FamilyFirst URB Chicago takes out the middleman. Since all of Urb, Inc.’s Chicago homes are owned by the company, our “Chicago homes for sale by owner” and “owner financing” approaches take out the middle-man and allows you to deal directly with us.Urb Chicago

With URB, Inc.’s Chicago homes for sale by owner, you can be assured our inventory of foreclosed and distressed Chicago single family and multi-unit homes have passed our strict investment qualifications, were purchased at a good price and have clean titles and taxes.

URB, Inc’s  Chicago homes for sale with owner financing has removed the hassles of you trying to get a loan and can provide you with the money on terms to suit your budget.

URB Welcome flatsRehabbing and selling distressed and foreclosed Chicago homes for sale, Bank owned homes or even some Chicago foreclosures for sale for a profit is one of the most popular and easiest ways of making money on Chicago real estate. However, making the right decisions at each and every step of the Foreclosed homes rehabbing is critical to the financial outcome of the foreclosed homes or Urb Chicago rehabbed foreclosed houses.

From the start Brian Urbanowski knew that for Urb, Inc. to be successful his company's clients would have to make money buying his Chicago Foreclosures for sale, period!

With Brian Urbanowski hands-on experience, Urb, Inc.. start rehabbing with owner financing programs and premier high profit margin rehab properties for sale... you have all the tools of Success to HAVE YOUR VERSION OF THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!

URB Welcome Multi-unitsUrb, Inc.. prime rehab properties for sale include West side Chicago Homes for sale and south side Urb ChicagoChicago Homes for sale, our listings of cheap foreclosed homes also include 2-flats, 3-flats, 4-flats and multi unit apartment buildings for sale.

NOW, is the time to take advantaged of Urb, Inc. Chicago Bank foreclosures, REO's and Bank Owned Homes list of inventory for sale and start making money in the Chicago Real Estate market.


Urb, Inc. provides you with...
...Programs to purchase Chicago foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures  with Urb's owner financing and with only a small deposit
...Guaranteed short-term Urb financing on our Chicago foreclosures.... regardless of  your credit
...Chicago's largest selection prime rehab money making foreclosed homes and Bank foreclosures
...Money making real estate investment opportunities
...Solutions to reach your financial goals

Urb, Inc. by your side with...
...Ideas to help you rent or sell your foreclosed property as quickly as humanly possible
...Expertise to guide you in making the most money from your foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures
...Resources, like urbchicagoclassifieds.com, to help you find contractors and materials to fix your property

With one call to Urb, Inc. you will be on your way to Making Money on Chicago’s Real Estate by Turning Property Into Profit!

What are you waiting for? - Call (847) 673-7097


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