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We Buy Homes Houses Chicago

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Buying Houses in ChicagoWe Buy Chicago Houses Fast!!
"I needed someone to buy my property fast and Urb”s Houses For Cash program specialites were both friendly and understanding with my needs. They were very friendly, didn't apply any pressure and came in with a higher offer than any of the other companies out there. I would highly recommend them to other sellers who need a quick sale and want a smooth transaction.
Many Thanks."
Chris M. Chicago IL.

How Does A Fair Price For Your Home --In Half The Time Sound?

We Buy Chicago Homes Quickly For Cash...No Hassles, No Commissions

Have you said, "I need someone to buy my home", "buy my house" or "sell my house to"? Do you need to sell your house or even sell your houses,2 flats or multi unit homes? If so, we can help you! Urb Inc. is a group of professional real estate investors and we buy houses! Our respectful and compassionate house buyers can buy your house fast, in any location, and in any price range. Save yourself the BIG money by selling your house to us! You don't have to stress out about or pay for any repairs  on your house for sale in order to it. If you want to sell your house this week instead hoping for a buyer and paying mortgage payments every month, contact URB in Chicago today!

We buy Houses ChicagoWe Want to Buy Your Chicago Home Today! Do you need to find someone to buy your house fast? We are a group of Chicago investors and we buy homes every day for cash from people just like you. Maybe you’ve been trying to sell your home for months, or simply happy to get the best value for your home without going through a lot of hassle. Either way, we can help.

We pay cash when buying homes in Chicago. We buy houses for cash quickly and we buy homes fast. If you have a property that you need or want to sell, but you don't want the stress or delays of repairs, renovations, realtors, or finding an approved buyer, we can work with you and BUY YOUR HOUSE in 7 days or less.

That's right! We can buy your house directly from you no matter what your situation or condition of your house. We are a group of real estate investors that buys houses from people like you. We are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency. We don't want to list your house, we just want to buy your house and are able to do so immediately!

Do you: Need to sell my house, sell my home, want someone to buy my home/buy my house
Want help to stop foreclosure, save me from foreclosure, catch up on payments or save my house Need to sell my house for cash or sell my home for cash


How we can help you:

We buy 2-flats in ChicagoBuy your house fast while still offering a fair sale price
Save you $1,000s in realtor commissions

Save you money on a vacant home or multiple mortgage payments

Unlike Real Estate Agents, there is never a charge or commission when we buy your home!

We buy any house in any area, condition or any price range.

We even pay for referrals! If you know someone else that is looking to sell have them contact us and we'll give you $500-$1000 as a thank you.

Let us help you- we made it fast, easy, secure and hassle free. Simply fill out the quick form and our Expert Chicago home buyer will call you within 24 hours to discuss a mutually beneficial plan of action to relieve your stress.
Imagine by this time next week you wouldn't have a house payment and would have cash in hand!

Can I or how do I rent my house back? It's really easy to keep your house or home in Chicago, even if you have financial difficulties. We can buy your house from you, thus clearing your debts, with maybe some left over for you. Then, we can lease the property back to you for how ever long you wish.

This is an excellent option for those who have built up financial difficulties due to over stretching, or possibly with the rise in interest rates, the mortgage becomes too much to handle. It is important you that take action sooner rather than later, as debts can get out of hand when ignored. If you still have an income, then giving up your mortgage, may give you extra funds enabling you to get your finances back in order.

Cash out or Equity Release. Maybe you are retired, and have your property paid for. Maybe you wish to release the equity that you have in order to use the money as you wish. Well, the same applies, we can purchase your property from you with cash. Then you would rent the property from us at a term specified by you, at an agreed rent for that term. Whether six months, or 10 years, once we have agreed, then that's what we will stick to.

We buy Houses in CHicago for CashMore and more home-owners across the Chicago are looking to the sale and rent back option as the effective alternative to waiting for a sale on the open market. By selling and renting back your property you get to release your cash and keep your home meaning your home life remains unaffected and neighbors need never know.

If you want cash out of your home or to cash in your house but keep your home, you can sell it and rent back your property quickly and easily by using our professional home buyers. We’ll get you cash for your house and often complete sales within 30 days, meaning that you can get cash now for you’re your home, release the equity and continue living in your property without affecting your home life.

It all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today! (847) 673-7575

Buying Houses Chicago
Buying Houses Chicago
Buying Houses Chicago
Buying Houses Chicago

Sell a House Fast in Chicago


Our South Side and West Side neighborhoods!

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