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Chicago Duplex Homes For Sale

Chicago is a great place to invest in Real Estate!

 One of the more desirable types of Chicago housing is the duplex…two complete homes within one building.  The Chicago duplex has become a very popular because they have such broad appeal with investors, families and rehabbers. Many Chicago real estate investors are looking for income producing properties that are easy to manage. Cook county duplexes are a perfect property for meeting that objective: they provide tenants with more privacy and more space than typical apartments, making them easier to rent and able to command higher rent rates. 

Many Chicago families prefer duplexes to apartment buildings. With just two homes in one building adult children or grandparents can have a home of their own, maintain their independence, yet be close to parents. Or, some families live in one unit and rent the other, letting their tenant pay the mortgage. For generations, the duplex was the first stepping stone to building financial independence. 

URB has many Chicago southside and westside duplex homes for sale. Many come with extremely low prices and are perfect for rehabbers who can add value to their real estate investment by making necessary repairs. In many instances, a duplex can be rented out or resold for a reasonable profit in a relatively short period of time. Only URB can provide you with these five buyers advantages:


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  1. Low cost financing: Compare our interest rates with any other source in the market and we beat them all hands down.
  2. Easy financing: Forget about the hundred page mortgage application form that some lenders are requiring…URB provides financing to many of our clients and we make the process simple, painless and quick.
  3. No credit checks: URB does not require credit checks because we finance all foreclosures. 
  4. Discount Contractor Network: Many tax lien foreclosures require some repairs. URB has an established network of qualified contractors who provide quality workmanship at very reasonable prices.
  5. Fix and Sell Program: If you prefer to do your own repairs, in many instances URB may be able to connect you with a buyer who prefers move-in-ready real estate…your rehabbed property!

We cater to first time home buyers, real estate investors, contractors, rehabbers…even flippers can still find the right kind of properties for making money. Our professionals are out on real estate buying trips and real estate auctions every single week. Put our expertise with Chicago real estate for sale to work for you by clicking on the link or calling one of our experts today.

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Start Today and do it now!

Urb, Inc. owner financing program gives you the options to Sell investment properties for profit or keep a south side or west side multi-unit for for income. Investment possibilities are endless -perhaps you would like to own a chicago south side or west side home for you and your family?

it all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today!

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Benefits of buying Chicago homes for sale by owner from Urb, Inc.


Credit history. When buying Chicago Homes for sale by owner from Urb Inc., we look at the whole picture when seller financing a property to you.  If you have less than perfect credit, bad credit or no credit at all, you can still buy one of our Chicago homes for sale by owner. We take into account your ability to repair the home or property, experience, work history , construction or remodeling experience, prior home ownership and so on. We believe in giving the common person a chance when no one else will.

Lower Closing Costs. Without institutional lenders, there are no loan or points to pay. No origination fees, processing fees, administration fees, title fee or any of the other assorted miscellaneous fees that lenders, banks and mortgage brokers routinely charge big money for, which automatically saves money for the buyer on closing costs

Down Payment Flexibility. Lower down payments are negotiable and available. If Urb,Inc. the seller, wants a larger down payment than the buyer possesses, sometimes Urb as the sellers will let a buyer make periodic lump-sum payments toward a down payment during the rehab process.

Tailored Financing. Unlike conventional loans, sellers and buyers can choose from a variety of payment options such as interest only, fixed-rate amortization, less-than-interest or a full payment at the end of the contract, hence Payments can mix and match. Interest rates can be adjusted periodically if both buyer and seller agree or remain at one rate for the length of the loan or as the contract for deed allows

Faster Possession. Because buyers (you)and the sellers (Urb) aren't waiting on a lender or bank to process the financing, buyers can close faster and Urb can give a buyer possession earlier over a conventional loan transaction.

Land Contracts. Urb Inc. uses Land contracts or contracts for deed that do not pass legal title to the buyer, but give the buyer equitable title and all the equitable rights the same as any other type of real estate transaction. The buyer then makes payments to the seller or in this case URB for a certain period of time until final payment or a refinance occurs, at that time the buyer receives the deed.

Clean titles.  Every property on our list of Chicago homes for sale has title insurance bought and paid for prior to us receiving the deed to the homes or properties, these titles or deeds are guaranteed by companies such as Chicago title and insurance company. By doing this we are guaranteed by one of the nations largest insurance companies that we have a clean title to the homes.

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