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Chicago Apartment Buildings For Sale

Chicago Apartment Buildings For Sale

 Today might be the best time to purchase residential rental properties, including Chicago apartment buildings, rental properties and rental multi-dwelling properties for rent in Chicago.

Multiple Listing Services or for-sale-by-owner Apartment buildings and rental real estate are great income generating properties on which URB offers great deals. Companies like URB specialize in finding the very best Cook County apartment building foreclosures, Chicago southside and westside rental properties, Chicago multi family short sales, tax lien foreclosures on rental apartment buildings, distressed properties and vacant land. Our customers have confidence knowing the properties we offer have clean titles, low prices and can be easily financed through Seller financing in Chicago

  1. Low cost financing on Apartment buildings: Compare our interest rates with any other source in the market and we beat them all hands down.
  2. Rental Property Easy financing: Forget about the hundred page mortgage application form that some lenders are requiring…URB provides financing to many of our clients and we make the process simple, painless and quick.
  3. No credit checks: URB does not require credit checks because we finance all Chicago Tax Lien Foreclosures
  4. Discount Contractor Network: Many tax lien foreclosures require some repairs. URB has an established network of qualified contractors who provide quality workmanship at very reasonable prices.
  5. Fix and Sell Program: If you prefer to do your own repairs, in many instances URB may be able to connect you with a buyer who prefers move-in-ready real estate…your rehabbed property!

We cater to first time home buyers, real estate investors, contractors, rehabbers…even flippers can still find the right kind of properties for making money. Our professionals are out on real estate buying trips and real estate auctions every single week. Put our expertise with Chicago Real Estate Deals for sale to work for you by clicking on the link or calling one of our experts today.

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Start Today and do it now!

Urb, Inc. owner financing program gives you the options to Sell investment properties for profit or keep a south side or west side multi-unit for for income. Investment possibilities are endless -perhaps you would like to own a chicago south side or west side home for you and your family?

it all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today!
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American Dream


Urb, Inc.. has been helping with seller financing Foreclosed Chicago homes purchased from Chicago real estate auctions to people just like you, to achieve their American Dreams of...

Owning a Home... Looking for Foreclosed Chicago homes for sale ,Condo or perhaps a Chicago single family 3 Bedroom or 4 Bedroom house to fix up and live in yourself ? Urb, Inc.. could have the Bank owned home just for you.

Being the Boss... Urb, Inc.. lowest price, distressed and foreclosed properties for sale purchased from banks that are the perfect fixer uppers to start you in your own business. In addition, URB, Inc. has Chicago rehab money , Chicago rehab loansand Chicago hard money lenders that are available to help you get started.

Financial Wealth... Urb, Inc. Bank Foreclosures and Bank foreclosed property listings include single family house’s, 2 unit, 3 units and multi unit apartment buildings that are for sale in Chicago , all properties that are on the south and west sides are at our Wholesale and Liquidator cheap deal prices for you to turn around and make a profit on.

Start Today and do it now!

Urb, Inc. start rehabbing owner financing program gives you the options to Sell for profit, Keep a south side or west side multi-unit for an investment and rent it for income or perhaps even Own a chicago south side or west side home for you and your family,  it all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today!

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