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Chicago Real Estate Listings

Brian Urbanowski started Urb, Inc. in 1986 and for 24 years has helped people just like you in search of Chicago real estate listings to Gain an Income, Own a Home or Make more Money.

From the start Brian Urbanowski knew that for Urb, Inc. to be successful his company's clients would have to make money or own a home from his Chicago real estate listings of Foreclosure homes for sale, period!

Urb, Inc.. has Chicago real estate listings of rehab ready Chicago multi family properties and homes for sale that include West side single family  homes, Chicago multi family Homes and South side multi family Homes for sale. Listings also include 2-units, 3-units, 4-unit properties and larger Chicago multi family apartment buildings for sale.

NOW, is the time to take advantage of Urb, Inc. single family Chicago foreclosed homes, REO's and Bank Owned Chicago real estate listings of Chicago multi family homes, duplexes and start making money in the Chicago Real Estate market

Taking outing the middleman

Since all of Urb, Inc.’s Chicago real estate listings are owned by the company, our listings of “Chicago homes for sale by owner” and “owner financing” approaches take out the middle-man and allows you to deal directly with us. With Urb, Inc.’s listings of Chicago homes for sale by owner, you can be assured our Chicago real estate listings of foreclosed and distressed Chicago single family and multi-unit homes have passed our strict investment qualifications, were purchased at a good price and have clean titles and taxes. And, Urb, Inc’s real estate listings of Chicago homes for sale with owner financing has removed the hassles of you trying to get a loan and can provide you with the purchase money on terms to suit your budget. Our seller financed Chicago real estate listings of south side foreclosures and west side foreclosures, Chicago Bank foreclosures, REO's and Bank Owned Homes for sale are added frequently if not daily to URB's Chicago Real Estate listings of ready for rehabbing inventory for sale that include:

  • Chicago Homes for sale
  • Chicago 2 Flats, 3 Flats & 4 Flats for sale
  • Chicago Apartment Buildings for sale
  • Chicago foreclosures for sale
  • South side homes for sale
  • West side homes for sale
  • Tax lien foreclosures
  • Single family homes for sale
  • Bank foreclosed homes
  • Bank owned property
  • Bank repo's for sale
  • Multi-unit buildings for sale 
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Stores and store fronts w/apts 
  • Town homes & Condominiums
  • Commercial & Vacant Property



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