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No Credit Check Financing2023-08-30T19:35:35+00:00

URB hassle-free, no credit check financing

Even if a bank or mortgage lender is trying to get rid of a foreclosed property, their approval process still tends to have a long list of demands on the borrower. Of course, even meeting all the bank or lender’s demands, you’re not guaranteed to be approved.

URB Chicago’s no credit check financing removes the traditional lending institution hassles if you want to buy a house to live in, flip property, or invest in real estate.

Since we own the real estate we sell, URB Chicago properties are affordable and can offer no credit check financing eliminating the need for bank or lender prequalification.

Promising After-Repair Value

If you’re a first-time or second-chance home buyer, a first-time or a seasoned rehabber or real estate investor, along with URB no credit check financing, URB Chicago properties for sale have added after-repair value being located near schools, parks, community improvements,, and commercial developments.

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