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Chicago homes for sale by owner

Since all of Urb, Inc.’s Chicago homes for sale are owned by the company, our  "Chicago homes for sale by owner” and “Owner financing Benefits for sellers” approaches take out the middle-man and allow you to deal directly with us.

With Urb, Inc.’s Chicago Chicago homes for sale by owner, you can be assured our inventory of foreclosed homes, distressed Chicago single family homes and multi-unit homes have passed our strict investment qualifications, were purchased at a good price and have clean titles.  And, Urb, Inc’s owner financing has removed the hassles of you trying to get a loan on Chicago homes for sale by owner and can provide you with the money on terms to suit your budget.


- Do you have limited funds or experience?
- Think you won’t qualify for your homes financing?
- Are you frustrated with buying a real estate the conventional way?
- Do you want to make cash right now from real estate?
- Are you looking for a way to profit in today's real estate market?
- Do you need a game plan to make money?
If you answered yes to any the these questions, then give Urb, Inc. a call today!


Credit history. When buying Chicago Homes for sale by owner from Urb Inc., we look at the whole picture when seller financing a property to you.  If you have less than perfect credit, bad credit or no credit at all, you can still buy one of our Chicago homes for sale by owner. We take into account your ability to repair the home or property, experience, work history , construction or remodeling experience, prior home ownership and so on. We believe in giving the common person a chance when no one else will.

Benefits of buying Chicago homes for sale by owner

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