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646 W 119th St Chicago IL 60628

Sold – Vendida 646 W 119th St Chicago is a multi-family home with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and another value packed property of URB for a start-up or seasoned rehabber or real estate investor to flip or rent.

Because the demand for rental units has historically been significantly higher than availability in Chicago there is plenty of after repair value potential for 646 W 119th St.

Adding the 646 W 119th St after repair value is its location value and community value being in the “heart” of West Pullman, near several parks, and where investments in the area from U.S. Bank valued at more than $100 million, including 180 acres of undeveloped land, tax credits, and charitable contributions, which yielded $400 million in developments.

The City of Chicago School District 299 serves 646 W 119th St.

The suggested offer for 646 W 119th St is $145,000 and Financing is available. (847) 673-7575

646 W 119th St Chicago IL 60628


646 W 119th St Chicago is not exactly what you’re searching for. We have other properties that just might be!  You can sign-up to have listings sent to your email inbox or call (847) 673-7575 for current properties that have yet to be posted.

A Mixed use property is some flipper’s favorite. Rehabbers interested in flipping houses for profit tend to be savvy when it comes to the Chicago mixed use properties they buy from URB.

Affordable investment property for sale. When you buy investment property for sale in Chicago from URB you know there is a lot of experience behind your purchase.

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