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Whether it is owning a home, being your own boss or financial wealth, URB can help you achieve your version of the American Dream.

First URB takes out the middleman. Since all of URB's homes are owned by the company, our Chicago homes for sale by owner and owner financing approaches take out the middle-man and allows you to deal directly with us.

With URB Chicago homes for sale by owner, you can be assured our inventory of foreclosed and distressed Chicago single family and multi-unit homes have passed our strict investment qualifications, were purchased at a good price and have clean titles and taxes.

And, URB Chicago homes for sale with owner financing has removed the hassles of you trying to get a loan and can provide you with the money on terms to suit your budget.

Rehabbing and selling distressed and foreclosed Chicago homes for sale, Bank owned homes or even some Chicago foreclosures for sale for a profit is one of the most popular and easiest ways of making money on Chicago real estate. However, making the right decisions at each and every step of the Foreclosed homes rehabbing is critical to the financial outcome of the foreclosed homes or rehabbed foreclosed houses.

Foreclosed Homes For Sale Priced to Sell

Our south side foreclosures and west side foreclosures, Chicago Bank foreclosures, REO's and Bank Owned Homes for sale are just some of URB's Chicago properties priced to sell.

Bank Owned Real Estate Easy No Credit Check Financing

URB owner financing program gives you the options to Sell for profit, Keep a south side or west side multi-unit for an investment and rent it for income or perhaps even Own a chicago south side or west side home for you and your family, it all begins with one call to URB today!

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URB prime rehab properties for sale include Southside Chicago Homes for sale and Westside URB Chicago Homes for sale, our listings of cheap foreclosed homes also include 2-flats, 3-flats, 4-flats and multi unit apartment buildings for sale.

NOW, is the time to take advantaged of URB Chicago Bank foreclosures, REO's and Bank Owned Homes list of inventory for sale and start making money in the Chicago Real Estate market.

Cheap foreclosed homes for sale

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Since 1987, URB has been offering Southside and WestSide Chicago home buyers, property owners and real estate investors unmatched personal attention and professional service.

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Houses for sale in Chicago, IL South side Westside neighborhoods

URB Chicago has cheap foreclosed houses for sale in Chicago

At URB Chicago we sell cheap houses for sale in Chicago neighborhoods like South Shore, Back of the Yards, Roseland, and Englewood. URB Chicago is the most trusted company with distressed homes for sale in Chicago, IL and vacant and REO properties for sale in Cook County. We have been selling affordable homes for sale in Chicago for nearly forty years. Our specialized knowledge of Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods ensures that you are getting off market properties with exceptional FSBO deals.

So, what separates URB Chicago from other Cook County companies selling affordable houses and rental properties? As an FSBO home seller with four decades of experience we understand the importance of providing a comfortable experience for home buyers. Your experience begins when you contact URB Chicago and speak with one of our bilingual real estate professionals. With our no-pressure real estate sales practice you can have the confidence to buy the fixer upper houses for sale that fit your fix and flip budget. With URB Chicago’s long list of Chicago real estate ranging from foreclosed homes for sale to multi-unit apartment buildings for sale with low money down and affordable monthly payments we ensure that you can buy houses wholesale Chicago and afford to renovate historic Chicago property. What is a fixer upper?

URB Chicago has distressed homes for sale, vacant homes for sale, all FSBO in Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods. But, what exactly are Chicago fixer uppers?

A fixer upper property for sale in Chicago is a distressed single family home, vacant multi-unit property, or neglected commercial property that has been lost to time, or the owners simply could not afford to maintain or update the property.

Chicago is considered one of the best cities in the country for companies flipping houses for profit. Much of this is due to the vast number of fixer upper properties for sale and cheap vacant real estate in Cook County, IL. Chicago has a long history of architecture dating back to the mid-1800s. With massive immigration and job booms in the late 19th century and early 20th century older brick multi-family properties became the backbone of Chicago real estate. URB Chicago has 2 flat properties for sale, 3 flat rental properties for sale, and brick 4 flat buildings for sale along with mixed use properties and other apartment buildings for sale. As jobs grew and the middle class widened, properties such as worker’s cottages, 2 flat wood frame houses, and brick Chicago bungalows were built in the 1920s and 1930s. With so many Chicago properties for sale dating back over 100 years, Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods have become the ideal location to buy affordable real estate at wholesale prices.

FSBO fixer uppers at wholesale prices will come in all shapes and sizes from abandoned and vacant homes for sale with multiple Chicago building code violations, to gutted properties for sale, and even multi-unit apartment buildings that require electrical and plumbing updates.

URB Chicago sells fixer uppers homes for sale in Chicago cheap.

Who buys fix and flip homes in Chicago?
URB Chicago has cheap houses for sale and rental properties for sale at wholesale prices.

Affordable fix and flip properties for rehabbers

Fixer upper homes for sale come in many categories, however the most popular in Cook County, IL are fix and flip properties that companies flipping houses for profit buy. Whether you are an experienced contractor looking for a handyman special, or interested in hiring contractors to flip properties for cash, fixer uppers are the best way to buy houses cheap.

We all know the key to flipping houses for a profit is to buy houses cheap. Buying distressed houses at wholesale prices not only widens your profit margin when you sell a house, but also gives you flexibility when your budget exceeds your renovation and when challenges arise.

Buy your home cheap

While making a profit on distressed houses is popular, another real estate practice is to save money while rehabbing a home for yourself. Buying a vacant or neglected single family home is a great way to save tens of thousands of dollars. URB Chicago has houses for sale less than $50,000. Many of these Chicago affordable properties for sale can be lived in while homeowners update electrical, plumbing, repair walls, replace floors, and renovate historic Chicago homes. Even after your rehab project a wholesale fixer upper is cost effective.

Renovate a rental property to get a better bang for your buck

While single family homes, 2 flat, 3 flat, and 4 flat distressed properties for sale are affordable in neighborhoods like Chatham, West Pullman, Lawndale, Hyde Park, and East Garfield Park, rental prices have been consistently growing. This is in part to urban renewal near Chicago’s lake shore neighborhoods, convenience to downtown Chicago, and local amenities. URB Chicago sells multi-unit properties cheap in Chicago to landlords buying real estate for their rental portfolio. Much like bargain single family homes, landlords can save money and have a bigger passive income with multi-unit properties and apartment buildings rehabbed for sale and rent.

Chicago bank foreclosed homes for sale

URB Chicago has foreclosed homes for sale. URB Chicago sells REO homes in Cook County, IL. URB Chicago has bank owned homes cheap. But, when it comes to buying cheap foreclosed houses for sale what can you expect?

Foreclosed, REO, and HUD properties for sale in Chicago, IL and Cook County, IL can expect to have a variety of problems. For many people the foreclosure process is several months and maybe even years long. This results in homeowners neglecting Chicago property or not having enough money to address Chicago building code violations or electrical and plumbing updates. Additionally, foreclosed, HUD, and REO homes for sale in Chicago often have been vacant and require considerable yard and exterior maintenance.

URB Chicago sells bank owned homes, so what’s the benefit? Well, for starters foreclosed houses in Chicago are homes that you can buy cheap. While some Chicago properties are gutted and others haven’t been updated in decades, many REO properties sold by URB Chicago have been upgraded and suffer from minor neglect which is a cost effective way to renovate older historic Chicago homes.

So, whether you are interested in fixing houses for profit or buying bank owned homes to save money, there is a good chance that URB Chicago has the right REO property, HUD home for sale, or bank owned property for sale.

How does FSBO work?

URB Chicago has been selling distressed Chicago homes for nearly forty years. But, there is more to buying a house cheap than buying a home at wholesale prices. Yes, we sell cheap homes, but also, we sell affordable homes. The difference is that cheap houses for sale are inexpensive, while an affordable Chicago home is easy to pay for.

URB Chicago sells off market FSBO homes that you can buy with low money down and affordable monthly payments. Our contract for deed seller financed properties are often compared to the cost of buying a new car. Whether you are buying a multi family property in Englewood, a mixed use property in South Shore, or a single family home in Lawndale buying an owner financed home from URB Chicago is a great opportunity.

URB Chicago sells houses without credit checks. That means if you have no credit, bad credit, and low income our FSBO program is the best way to buy a house in Chicago.

FSBO, or for sale by owner, properties allow you to bypass banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers which saves you time, money, and hassle. URB Chicago lets you buy a house with bad credit if your credit score is 400. URB Chicago has affordable houses for sale for people with low income. We’ve been selling off market houses for wholesale prices in Chicago for decades and understand the need for people to buy houses cheap.

Contact URB Chicago if you want to know how to buy houses with low income and bad credit. Our bilingual real estate professionals can answer any of your questions.

URB Chicago is Chicago’s most trusted distressed home seller and we have been selling affordable houses in Chicago for nearly forty years. We offer a comfortable and budget-friendly way to buy Chicago real estate at wholesale prices. Are you looking for 2 flats for sale in Gresham? Do you want to buy 3 flats and 4 flats to expand your rental portfolio? Have you always wanted to buy cheap red brick Chicago bungalows with low money down and affordable monthly payments? Are you tired of getting turned down for a home loan and looking for FSBO properties for people with bad credit and low income? URB Chicago sells houses and URB Chicago sells multi family and commercial property at wholesale prices.

Our friendly and knowledgeable real estate professionals are here to help you find the Chicago property that is right for you. URB Chicago’s team of bilingual real estate professionals specialize in Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods which means we are available to answer specific questions whether you want to buy a 4 unit apartment building in West Pullman, a 2-flat property for sale in Englewood, or a single-family brick Chicago bungalow in Chatham.

Contact URB Chicago today for cheap distressed, bank owned, and vacant homes for sale Chicago with seller financing.